Creating exceptional bakery products is an evolving art. The demand for great taste, texture and ease-of-use will always exist. Optimizing them alongside today’s top trends—such as sustainability, clean label and healthier choices—will achieve true differentiation. By leveraging our broad portfolio of shortenings, margarines, coating fats, emulsifiers, milled grains and proteins, we will take your bakery game to the next level. Whether you're looking to make smooth icings, coated donuts, crispy cereals, soft tortillas or want to more efficiently mix, laminate or decorate, we've got you covered.


Baking Better Together

Our leading portfolio of bakery fats, lecithins, plant proteins and milled grains, together with our team of bakery experts are here to meet our customers' sensory and functionality needs. Our team is ready to collaborate to match specific application needs with the right ingredient. To keep up with today's top trends, we offer many options across sustainability, non-GMO, plant-based ingredients, reduced saturated fat and so much more.


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Enjoy tender, fluffy and high-volume cakes

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Icings & Fillings

Achieve smooth, stable and aerated buttercream icings and fillings

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Cookies & Biscuits

From crispy to chewy or homestyle, we make all types of cookies and biscuits possible

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Waffles & Wafers

Bring the luscious waffles consumers need, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside

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Pizza, Pies & Pastry

Your diners will enjoy biting into the tender and flaky pie crusts with a golden-brown color, crispy pizza crusts with a soft, aerated and fluffy interior and pasta with perfect textures that our ingredients create

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Danish & Puff Pastry

Serve up golden, flaky, tender Danishes and layered puff pastries

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Cereals & Bars

Whether they are breakfast cereals and bars, family cereals or hot cereals, we ensure a crispy bite

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Experience great rollability while maintaining soft tortillas

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Treat your customers to tender donuts with just the right bite

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Biscuit Fillings

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Bread & Crackers

When you're making bread, crackers and quiche bases, you want end products that are light and crisp with that fresh bread experience.

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When you’re making bread, pizza crusts and quiche bases, you want end products that are light and crisp with that fresh bread experience.

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Baking couldn't be easier with our all-purpose margarine range. A smooth and creamy textured butter alternative.

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Our Organic Portfolio

In Europe, we offer a reliable and scalable supply of certified organic oils, fats and lecithins ranging from sunflower, rapeseed and soy to palm, shea and coconut. We drive progress through partnership with you by combining our extensive lipids expertise and your specific knowledge to co-create products that unlock the sensory excitement of your organic portfolio.

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