Our 200+ Years History

When Johann Bunge founded a trading company in Amsterdam in 1818, did he imagine it would still be thriving more than two centuries later?

Bunge began as an import-export business in a single city. Starting with Johann’s grandsons, Edouard and Ernest, the family expanded his vision through generations and across oceans. In 1884, together with the Born family, it launched a grain trading company in the burgeoning agribusiness market of Argentina. In 1905 the company expanded to Brazil and in 1918 to North America, the world’s largest agricultural market. Asia and Europe followed, as Bunge steadily established itself in the world’s great crop-growing regions, while staying close to the customers it served. We continue to follow this path today.

Throughout our more than 200 years of experience, we continued to focus on achieving the right balance between our core activities in agribusiness and food and ingredients. Bunge moved headquarters from Sao Paulo to New York in 2001. In 2019, Bunge moved its global headquarters to the St. Louis metropolitan area, where the company had already a major business presence. The region is also home to a number of food, agriculture, animal health and plant science organizations and customers.

We continue to seek out opportunities around the world that will strengthen our winning global footprint and achieve the right balance in both business type and capital allocation. We consistently work to create value by serving customers better, improving our processes, strengthening global food security and helping communities prosper. Everything we do is to keep our purpose in connecting farmers to consumers to sustainably deliver essential food, feed and fuel around the world.

Deep roots and experience

For more than two centuries, Bunge has worked to improve the global agri-food chain.
trading house


J.P.G. Bunge founds Bunge & Co. in Amsterdam


Establishes operations in South America (Argentina)
Ag and food conglomerate with strong presence in South America


Expands into Brazil


Starts trading in North America


Diversifies along the food production chain
Global multi-segment agribusiness in oilseeds, grains, fertilizer and sugar


Corporate restructuring to focus on agribusiness


Ceval acquisition in Brazil, the largest soy processor in the country. Over the next 7 years, acquisitions and organic growth make Bunge the largest soy processor in South America.

2001: NYSE IPO

Moves headquarters to U.S. and, since going public, expands to India, China, the Pacific Northwest, Vietnam and Australia.


Acquires Cereol, a global company with a footprint in the U.S. leading brands in Europe, the largest canola processing capacity in Canada, and soybean processing capacity in Spain. This transaction makes Bunge the world’s largest soybean processor and supplier of bottled oils to consumers.


Opens first soybean processing plant in China


Enters sugar business


Launch of global non-deforestation policy and creation of a Board committee on sustainability


Acquires Loders Croklaan, a leader in the semi-specialty and specialty B2B palm and tropical oils market


Celebrates 200 years
Strategy with oilseeds
at the core


Global strategic business review


Moves global HQ to St. Louis, opens new specialty oils and fats processing facility in China and creates JV with BP for the Sugar and Bioenergy business in Brazil


Announces global new strategy with oilseeds at the core


Announces joint venture with Chevron to create renewable fuel feedstocks and establishes new commitment to climate action with science-based targets to reduce GHG emissions


Announces investment in new protein concentrate facility in the U.S. and continues to grow in the renewable fuels space in the U.S. and Europe

bunge headquarters