Meet Our People

We take our work seriously because we believe our purpose – connecting farmers to consumers to deliver essential food, feed and fuel to the world – is greater than ourselves. What we do everyday matters – to our teams, our communities and the world.

If you are the kind of person who wants to live new possibilities, Bunge is going to be a great fit for you.

Read more about the incredible people that make us who we are and find out about how you can expand your limits, experience a genuine global impact and connect meaningfully when working at Bunge.




Kachig Anspikian

Facility Manager
Joined Bunge in 1997

“When I leave I want my team to be safer and better than when I started.” Passion and pride for Bunge’s purpose fuels Kachig Anspikian’s work as a facility manager for Bunge’s canola crush and refinery location in Altona, Manitoba, Canada. For Kachig, going above and beyond is the standard to build a cohesive, safe, productive and happy team. And the hard work is paying off. Through the efforts of Kachig and his Altona team, the refinery has been recognized as a standout facility across Bunge’s global network, winning Bunge’s Global Best Refinery Award three times in the past five years, crush production set records three consecutive times from 2018-2020 and the facility was recognized with the Global Best Safety Award in 2020.

Brian Armstrong

Vice President, R&D and Innovation – Oils
St. Louis
Joined Bunge in 2015

Working at Bunge can provide you with a sense of purpose far beyond yourself. We work with teams and customers around the world to help address some of the most pressing challenges facing the industry today. In his role leading North American Oils R&D for Bunge, Brian Armstrong is tasked with building the infrastructure necessary to make his team’s promise come to life. From product development to innovation and core technology, it’s a purpose that motivates Brian and his team to help Bunge customers create great consumer desired foods.

Madison Bader

Specialist, Government Affairs
Washington D.C. 
Joined Bunge in 2021

For Madison Bader, Bunge’s business is personal. Madison grew up in an agricultural community and understands the significance of Bunge’s impact on the communities that source the grains, oilseeds, and softseeds that fuel our products. Today, she applies her personal experience and professional expertise as a government affairs specialist, supporting Bunge’s operations in Washington, DC.

Dessislava Barzachka

Sustainability Execution Manager, Europe and Asia
Joined Bunge in 2014

Dessislava Barzachka serves as the sustainability execution manager for Bunge’s Europe and Asia locations. From managing sustainability certifications to supporting ongoing efforts to expand Bunge’s presence into sustainable emerging markets, it’s a role that makes Dessislava navigate complex, global challenges. Alongside her team, Dessislava is pushing the boundaries of sustainability within the industry, including helping implement regenerative agriculture projects across Europe.

Tyronna Capers

Director of Marketing, North America
St. Louis
Joined Bunge in 2019

Tyronna Capers joined Bunge in 2019 and currently serves as director of marketing in North America. Tyronna credits Bunge’s culture of collaboration and support for the success of her work. Her commitment to her colleagues extends to leading Bunge’s internal DE&I initiatives, helping create a genuine and inclusive work environment for all at Bunge. “The people at Bunge are incredible. There is a true sense of collaboration and support. We work together, care for one another and bring our unique perspectives to the table each day. And this reflects in how we serve our customers."

Heitor Cauneto

Senior Director, Global Manufacturing
St. Louis
Joined Bunge in 2004

Heitor Cauneto does his best work at Bunge because he’s passionate about seeing the impact of innovation each day. Heitor has drawn inspiration and energy from Bunge’s purpose and used his experiences to solve unique problems. Through Bunge Production System (BPS) and concepts of Industry 4.0, Heitor and his team are revolutionizing Bunge’s digital landscape and manufacturing process. In doing so, he is changing the way Bunge carries out our promise to deliver essential food, feed and fuel to the world – and Heitor is seeing the direct impact of his work on real world problems.

Luísa Stock Danzberg

Project Manager SAM, Operations 4.0
Gaspar, Santa Catarina
Joined Bunge in 2014

“It makes me really proud to work at a company where people from all levels are heard and their ideas applied.”

Luísa’s journey at Bunge began as an intern in 2014. Today, she helps coordinate the next evolution of Bunge’s operations model in South America. For Bunge, this future model will unlock the next level of productivity for our business. And it’s an opportunity for Luísa to build a career that aligns her personal ambitions with a global mission. Luísa lives into Bunge’s entrepreneurial spirit to cultivate ideas across a dynamic environment, ensuring everyone is heard and able to contribute to Bunge’s impact. This freedom to bring creative, new solutions to work pays dividends. In just one of their latest projects, Luísa and team applied for five new patents on Bunge’s behalf. It’s just one example of how a role at Bunge can inspire you to achieve more than you thought possible.

Elgeo Harris

Senior Manager, Government Affairs
Washington D.C.
Joined Bunge in 2020

“I’m proud to have an opportunity to shape our approach going forward and lean in to finding solutions to the problem our planet faces while feeding a growing global population.”

For Elgeo Harris and the Bunge Government Affairs team, each day brings a new opportunity to make a genuine impact. From food aid and food safety to human rights and sustainability – Elgeo works with a range of stakeholders to help Bunge navigate complex legislative and regulatory environments. In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities, Elgeo shares an equal passion for supporting a more diverse and inclusive industry by helping lead Black Professionals in Food and Agriculture, a national, professional network. Through his commitment to his colleagues and peers, Elgeo is helping lead the way to deliver results and drive our business forward.

Zach Hovan

Lead Research Chef
St. Charles
Joined Bunge in 2012

“Bunge has a great working culture. I feel that I am able to be an entrepreneur within my space.” Zach Hovan’s job is, in part, to imagine the future. As the lead research chef at the Bunge Creative Solutions Center, Zach and his team develop product prototypes for specific customer groups based on the innovative food solutions dreamed and built by Bunge R&D. This means Zach is routinely looking across the consumer-packaged goods landscape to identify gaps, and then opportunities, for Bunge to help solve – while applying the finest details to the taste, texture and feel of new products. Bunge recognizes that a great team harnesses each member’s strengths to deliver the best results possible. For Zach Hovan, he’s right where he was meant to be – helping craft Bunge’s future.

Magdalena Kudyba

Director, ESVC Packaged Oil
Joined Bunge in 2004

Magdalena Kudyba has seen first-hand how Bunge’s supportive atmosphere leads to creativity and bravery in finding new solutions. It began when Magdalena identified an opportunity for Bunge to enhance their customer marketing strategy. Magdalena was empowered to be resourceful, and step outside of her comfort zone to create the first Customer and Category Development team within Bunge. This was an opportunity that propelled her to her current role overseeing sales and marketing of packaged oils in Europe. For Magdalena, Bunge is the place “for passionate people with a drive to learn and change.”

Osmar Pereira Filho

Senior Director of HR & HRBP of Global Commercial Agribusiness
Joined Bunge in 1997

As senior director of HR in Europe and HR business partner for Global Commercial Agribusiness, Osmar Pereira Filho works at the intersection of Bunge’s business and people strategy. In this role, he helps empower employees and build a work environment that allows them to make their biggest impact on the industries they support. Osmar takes pride in promoting Bunge’s values and finds passion in a career that allows him to learn from and meaningfully engage with colleagues around the globe. Some of his proudest achievements in recent years include the enhancement of the One Bunge culture and establishing an employee support network for colleagues displaced by conflict.

Livia Pinto de Medeiros

Manager, Talent Management
São Paulo
Joined Bunge in 2011

Livia Pinto de Medeiros’ pride in Bunge extends beyond our mission, reputation and scale. For Livia, it’s Bunge’s innovative spirit and appetite for change that instills in her a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Livia started at Bunge as a trainee in 2011, but she now serves as a talent management manager in the South America region, delivering solutions that connect Bunge with the best talent our industry has to offer. In her role in human resources, she loves sharing her passion for development, growth and evolution – and the ever-changing, dynamic environment that she experiences at Bunge – with future employees.

Michel Santos

Sr. Director, Global Sustainability on Grains & Oilseeds
St. Louis
Joined Bunge in 1997

As a senior director for global sustainability, it’s Michel Santos’ job to think about the possibilities ahead. Any given day presents challenges associated with climate resilience, responsible sourcing and navigating complex value chains. Michel’s drive for excellence embraces Bunge’s goals to evolve and pivot with those challenges. Among his proudest career achievements is previously helping Bunge receive the distinction of the most sustainable company in Brazil, and currently supporting the sector to align on best sustainability criteria already envisioned by Bunge. And after 25 years with Bunge, Michel feels he’s just getting started.

Jessica Shaffer

Lead Application Scientist, Protein Ingredients
St. Charles
Joined Bunge in 2020

“I’m completely supported yet challenged to bring my best to the table. It’s really a great place to work.” Jessica Shaffer is not afraid of big challenges. Bunge plays a central role in the global need to feed a growing population by resourcing customers with innovative and sustainable food solutions. This requires coordination and collaboration reflective of all our stakeholders, from farmers to customers to the communities where we operate. Jessica has dedicated over 15 years of her career to developing plant-based proteins, and since joining Bunge in 2020, now works with our Fats & Oils, Lecithin and Milling teams to strategically meet the ever-changing desires of customers and their markets. Most recently, much of Jessica’s work has been supported through our updated Bunge Creative Solutions Center in Missouri (United States), where new, non-allergen plant-based proteins like faba bean and lentils are being researched for potential, future solutions.

Jessica Stephan

Logistics Director
St. Louis
Joined Bunge in 2008

“I am excited to be a part of the transformation Bunge is making and cannot wait to see what the company looks like in a few years.” Jessica Stephan’s love for agriculture was well-formed when she took her first role as an intern at Bunge. But it’s her motivation to push her boundaries that has fueled a trajectory within Bunge that today provides a seat at the table leading logistics across the global enterprise. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to solve complex problems. Above all, seeing the “light bulb” moments among her colleagues as they create genuine impact are the most rewarding part of the job — whether in logistics, community initiatives or supporting the next generation of women leaders.

Sharon Walbert

Vice President, Global Innovation Food Solutions
St. Louis
Joined Bunge in 2021

“I am proud to be part of a team of smart, empathetic people who are passionate about delivering for our customers, teammates and shareholders - and have fun while doing it”. Working at Bunge has helped Sharon Walbert realize the impact she can make in the world. In her role leading the Innovation team for Food Solutions, each day brings opportunities for her to expand the promise of food for a growing and evolving world. Each day, Sharon and her team work to make sure Bunge’s plants are running economically and efficiently and to address customer business needs for new, scalable and effective food applications, solving the latest challenges for industries and consumers and empowering some of the world’s largest consumer brands to achieve their growth plans. Each day, they are looking out for new ideas and technologies that will take Bunge into the future of food, feed and fuel.

Jessica Wheeler

Senior Director, Global Total Rewards
St. Louis
Joined Bunge in 2017

Jessica Wheeler’s role as Senior Director of Global Total Rewards combines two of her passions: numbers and people. In this role, Jessica and her team connect colleagues with competitive compensation and benefits and inspire them through rewards and recognition programs that further elevate the business. Whether developing a new parental leave program or leading global compensation planning, Jessica is strengthening our One Bunge team and ensuring our colleagues around the world have what they need to be the best they can be.