Plant Proteins

We offer a wide range of plant protein ingredients from soy, faba, pea, lentil and mung to meet your sensory, nutrition and sustainability needs across many foods, beverages and supplements. Our protein concentrates and isolates—available as powders and textures—provide numerous benefits, from imparting juiciness in plant-based burgers to promoting creaminess in smoothies, and so much more. We are also keen collaborators, helping you solve your most complex application challenges to create stand-out products. What's more, our R&D and applications teams utilize leading technologies at our innovation facilities to co-create solutions, utilizing our plant proteins together with our oils and lecithins to provide the most comprehensive category solutions.

Protein Applications

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Meat Products

Make great tasting meat products—including hamburgers, hot dogs, deli, and whole muscle offerings—while maximizing yield and minimizing formulation costs using our protein isolates and textured protein concentrates

Meat Alternatives

Whether you’re making plant-based burgers, nuggets or deli, our protein concentrates and isolates will help you create winning meat alternatives that look and taste like the real thing

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Beverage and Nutrition

Across the spectrum of ready-to-drink and ready-to-mix beverages, from high-protein sports drinks to meal replacements, plant-based milks and more, our protein isolates provide smooth textures, exceptional mouthfeel and a range of protein levels

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Dairy Alternatives

From plant-based cheeses to yogurts, ice creams and more, our protein isolates help you deliver real dairy texture, taste and appearance, while supporting protein content claims

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Snack and Bakery

The world of bars, savory snacks, breads, muffins, cookies and crackers is so diverse, and you can rely on us to maximize protein content and enhance sensory experience in each application

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Animal Nutrition

Provide excellent nutrition with our soy and non-soy high quality ingredients for petfood, treat, and feed applications

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Markets We Serve

Our portfolio of plant protein ingredients include concentrates and isolates as powders and textures from soy, faba, pea, lentil and mung.

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Ingredients We Offer

Our portfolio of plant protein ingredients include concentrates and isolates as powders and textures from soy, faba, pea, lentil and mung.

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Innovations We Create

We pair our global footprint of R&D facilities and experts with state-of-the-art technologies to accelerate our customers' growth.

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Foods We Help Build

We support our customers in co-creating plant-based foods and beverages at our R&D facilities around the world.

Build Better with Bunge

Let Bunge help you create incredible plant-based foods with better taste, texture and nutrition. We offer the primary ingredients used in meat and dairy alternatives—proteins, oils and lecithins—together with our expert innovation capabilities, which allow us to help you build better plant-based food and beverage.

Watch how our ingredients, expertise and innovation come together to build a better burger.

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