We are committed to deforestation-free value chains in 2025, the most ambitious deadline at this scale in our industry.



Progress on Our Commitment

Our commitment to be free of deforestation and native vegetation conversion in our value chains in 2025 is a central part of our business strategy and planning – and is a crucial element of our climate action plan. We apply this policy across all our value chains, for direct and indirect sourcing, and consistently report on our progress.




Deforestation and conversion free soy in Brazil



Hectares of native vegetation preserved on farms



Farms monitored in south America



Palm traceability to plantation



Palm volumes from suppliers following NDPE practices



Palm volumes verified deforestation-free

Farmer with tablet in hand checking field of soybean crops

South American Soy

As the leading soybean processor in South America, we are focusing and investing a significant share of our sustainability and technology implementation efforts in this region, which is home to delicate ecosystems and is a major source of socio-economic growth for communities.

Smiling man holding harvested palm


Palm oil is an essential ingredient and the most widely used vegetable oil in the world. It is included in many products – food, feed, health goods, cosmetics and even used in energy production, such as biofuels, in some parts of the world. Given its importance to so many sectors, Bunge is committed to sourcing sustainable palm oil traceable to origin.

Statement Regarding the Soy Sector Roadmap to 1.5°C

Since the release of the Agriculture Sector Roadmap to 1.5oC during COP 27 (UN Climate Change Conference) in November 2022, the co-signatories for the soy roadmap have been advancing the definition of operating models, a definition of native vegetation conversion and the selection of farmer-centric initiatives.

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Human Rights

Bunge maintains and enforces a variety of policies, resources and services that strive to address human rights concerns, and engages with suppliers to ensure they respect our high standards.

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Bunge serves as a connector, bringing together the perspectives of the full value chain to find sustainable solutions.

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Policies and Reports

View Bunge’s latest governance policies and reports.

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