Quality and Food Safety

The food industry today is more complex than ever before. Agricultural production has become highly intensive and supply chains extend across the globe. Quality and Food Safety (QFS) is a foundational pillar of how Bunge operates, all employees have a responsibility to ensure every partner along our value chains follows safe food practices. We leverage comprehensive Quality and Food Safety Management Systems and strive to achieve continuous high quality and safety to meet our customers’ expectations and protect their valuable brands.

Our Industry Leading Work

Bunge is continuously improving its operations to provide the highest level of quality and safety. That’s why we invest in people and assets – including our world-class innovation facilities - to produce quality products that meet or exceed global regulatory and safety requirements.
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Quality and Food Safety Principles

Our Vision

Bunge is dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of consumers by delivering safe and high-quality products to our customers around the globe. 


Our Commitment 

As a leader in the global food production chain, we work to continuously improve our integrated operations to create the highest possible level of quality, food and feed safety. 

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Safety comes First

We envision an organization where no one gets hurt -one that ensures we can meet our commitments to employees, their families and our customers around the world.

Pioneering an Industry Standard

One of our flagships in analytical innovation is a fully automated solution for 3-MCPD and Glycidyl ester analysis in vegetable oils. It goes a step further by adding smart IT to the whole process. Together with our partner Interscience, we developed a solution that reduces reporting time from two days to just two hours. It’s unique in the world and has become an industry standard (ISO 18363-4:2021).