Compliance with the law is an indispensable part of Bunge's corporate culture and one of the fundamental requirements for the success and sustainability of our company, as reflected in our Do What's Right value.

At Bunge, we are aware of compliance risks and implement the necessary measures to manage them in areas such as corruption and fraud, data protection, competition, crime prevention, occupational risk prevention, business partners, supply chain, product safety, tax, accounting and human resources.

Both Bunge employees and external third parties may use this channel to inquire about or report conduct that violates the law, the Global Code of Conduct and other Bunge internal standards.


Bunge Helpline

If, despite the measures we take, a compliance violation occurs or a compliance risk exists, we make available to Bunge personnel and anyone outside of the company our 24-hour toll-free Compliance Helpline and telephone number 00-800-2002-0033. 

Both the web platform and the telephone can be used anonymously and are managed by an independent Bunge organization with multilingual staff. Any information provided is sent directly to Bunge's Ethics and Compliance department. The company does not tolerate retaliation of any kind against individuals who make good faith reports and is committed to maintaining appropriate confidentiality with respect to such reports. Problems or situations that you may report (without limitation) include the following:

Theft, fraud or any form of dishonesty

  • Bribery or corruption
  • Conflicts of interest Harassment, discrimination or intimidation
  • Accounting or financial irregularities
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Drug or alcohol abuse on the job
  • Violence or threatening behavior Violation or exploitation of human rights
  • Environmental concerns or violations
  • Alleged or actual violations of the Bunge Code of Conduct, other Bunge policies and procedures, or the law.

Once you have completed the report, you will obtain a case key and be asked to create a password. These two pieces of identification will allow you to follow up on your case, either by revisiting the website or by calling the Helpline again. You may have to wait a few days after your first report before you can monitor your progress and check to see if you need to provide additional information. In any case, within seven days of submitting your report, you will receive notification that your report was properly received by the Ethics and Compliance department.


External Channel

Extern kanaal Op 18 februari 2023 is de Wet bescherming klokkenluiders in werking getreden. Het Huis voor Klokkenluiders is verantwoordelijk voor het ontvangen van klokkenluidersmeldingen in Nederland. Zij geven advies, ondersteuning en doen onderzoek naar misstanden binnen organisaties of represailles tegen melders. Als u een vermoeden heeft van een misstand, kunt u contact opnemen met de afdeling Advies van het Huis voor Klokkenluiders via emailadres [email protected] of telefoonnummer +31(0)88 – 133 10 00 (maandag t/m vrijdag, 09.00 tot 12.30 uur).