Supplier Code of Conduct

As a global leader in agribusiness, Bunge has a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all touchpoints of conducting business. 

We are dedicated to: 

  • Protecting our planet
  • Promoting best practices
  • Improving operations
  • Investing in people and communities
  • Acting with integrity

We compel a similar commitment from every person and company with which we do business and seek those who exceed the minimum expectations. 

To support our Suppliers and Farmers who provide any sort of materials or service to our company, we have launched a global Supplier Code of Conduct.

We ask that our Suppliers and Farmers review and comply with the Code. Join us in leading by example and empowering the remarkable people who contribute and collaborate with us.  

Together, we can deliver innovative solutions, unparalleled products, and positively impact our communities.


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