Beleaf™ PlantBetter

Designed to mimic the functionality, performance and processing characteristics of standard dairy butter in a range of applications.

Our Plant-based Alternative to Butter

As the demand for dairy alternatives surges, Bunge's Beleaf™ PlantBetter emerges as the answer to the complexities faced by food manufacturers and bakers seeking plant-based alternatives that match the sensory qualities and versatile functionality of traditional dairy butter and can easily be integrated in their current production process. Achieving the precise aeration, volume and taste required for products such as croissants, cakes, etc., has proven challenging for most butter substitutes. These challenges have been further amplified by the escalating volatility in butter pricing, driving the need for innovative solutions.


We cracked the croissant 


Beleaf™ PlantBetter mimics the distinctive aroma,  taste and texture of traditional butter. Initially designed for bakery applications, with future plans to extend to other dairy and confectionery applications. Beleaf™ PlantBetter seamlessly integrates as a partial or complete dairy butter substitute, offering food manufacturers and bakers the following advantages:

    • Sensory excellence: A series of blind sensory panel studies conducted by Bunge across three countries unequivocally demonstrate that Beleaf™ PlantBetter is on par with premium national butter brands.
    • Same easy processing  and versatile functionality as dairy butter
    • Reduce cost and exposure to input price volatility associated with dairy butter
    • A carbon friendly alternative with a carbon reduction of 50%
    • Easily recognizable, label-friendly plant-based sources 

    graphs showing Beleaf PlantBetter functionality


Why PlantBetter?
  • Same taste and aroma
  • Same texture
  • Same easy processing 
  • Significant cost savings
  • 50% carbon reduction

  Compared to dairy butter

Beleaf in the Taste of Tomorrow

Beleaf™ PlantBetter
We launched Beleaf™ PlantBetter: our plant-based alternative to butter
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