Plant-based Dairy

With the growing trend for healthier food, more and more consumers are looking for lower trans fat options, dairy-free alternatives and lower saturated fat. But they still want eating experiences that are as close as possible to traditional dairy products.

Expert support to create the best solutions for dairy alternatives

In this ever-changing market, you not only need to respond fast to stay competitive, you also have to control costs. Our experts understand these challenges and help you choose the right dairy fat alternative and plant proteins to meet consumer requirements in terms of taste, texture, mouthfeel and price.

As well as focusing on health, manufacturers and consumers are increasingly concerned about food quality and sustainability. That’s why they want clear labeling about the nature and origins of their food. With our experience and expertise in plant-based oils and proteins, we help you meet these requirements. In partnership with you, we turn your ideas into cost-effective products, with improved processing, long shelf life, attractive appearance and excellent eating properties.

Beleaf™ PlantBetter
We launched Beleaf™ PlantBetter: our plant-based alternative to butter
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Plant-based Cheese

Whether you’re making a soft and spreadable, smooth melting, or hard and crumbly cheese, we can help. We have a range of oils, shortenings, lecithins and plant proteins to help you meet a wide range of sensory needs, including. creamy mouthfeel, dense textures and more. We offer protein isolates and both soft-seed and tropical oils to help meet your application needs, including canola, sunflower, soybean, palm, coconut, and shea.
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Plant-based Ice Cream

For ice cream, our vegetable fat products offer several advantages over dairy fat. These include good melting behavior for clean mouthfeel and fast crystallization for reduced processing time. With tailor-made solutions, we supply cost-effective products with the required nutritional profile, delivering better value compared to dairy fat. In addition, our protein isolates help you deliver real dairy texture, taste and appearance.
bread with butter or margarine

Plant-based Margarines and Buttery Spreads

If you’re making buttery toast, sautéed vegetables, or sweet banana bread, we have solutions that deliver the delicious taste of butter.  Made from plant-based ingredients, our buttery spreads are a great dairy-free option. They taste like dairy butter and are excellent for buttering, cooking, and baking.

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