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Today, our food system is shifting towards a more and more future-proof organic and regenerative food model. Food companies and consumers are looking for solutions with an improved nutritional profile that are better for planet across categories - from confectionery, bakery and plant-based to infant nutrition. In addition, governments have set clear targets to increase organic farming, protect the environment and ensure sustainable food, with the result that organic food becomes more mainstream every day.

Curious by nature, we explore our supply chain in search of the best organic lipid solutions that meet your needs. We continuously improve our high standards in traceability and scalability. And with our knowhow, creative labs, and application experts we can help to unlock the sensory excitement of your organic portfolio and create cleaner label products.

Let's Create the Future of Organic Food Products Together

The organic food market is highly dynamic. We drive progress through partnership with you by combining our unique market insights and your specific knowledge to co-create organic products that keep you one step ahead. Starting from our complete portfolio of traceable organic lipids, we work with you to unlock the sensory excitement of your organic product portfolio. Together we need to move towards a better future, and Bunge is the partner that can help to make organic food available to more consumers and more applications.
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Our Organic Capabilities


  • Enabling large-scale manufacture of organic products: we are capable of facilitating the scale you need, now and in the future
  • Integrated and traceable supply chains: By taking great responsibility in optimizing and controlling every aspect of the entire supply chain we guarantee both certified organic sourcing and processing
  • Co-creation in our Creative Studios and innovation labs: We’ve built a network of 20 Creative Studios -  dynamic workshop environments that support you from idea generation to product development
  • Whether you want to pioneer products with a balanced nutritional profile for health-conscious consumers, or create more indulgent treats, our Creative Experience Centers help you win in your markets
  • Wide range of organic oils, fats, and lecithins

Certified and Scalable Supply Chain with In-house High-quality Processing

Our Organic Portfolio

Connect with our Organic Experts


Connect with our Organic Experts

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