Bread and Crackers

When you're making bread, crackers and quiche bases, you want end products that are light and crisp with that fresh bread experience.

Bread and Crackers

Whether you're an artisanal bakery or an upscale, medium-size bakery, we offer a range of fats with various melting points for different types of bread and crackers. These fats can help starch to retard staling, prolong freshness and extend shelf life by homogenizing the various ingredients. For moist delicious breads explore our Shortfat series, flavored shortenings and margarines.

Manufacturing excellent bakery products is challenging. Product value cycles are getting shorter and health trends are evolving faster than ever. This ever-changing market demands a quick response if you want to win fast and smart. Our experts understand this and team up with you to choose the right fat to balance market demands with product innovation.

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