Optimize production and animal vitality with our Lecithins, our Vitavance™ V range and highest quality standard fats.

A Diverse Portfolio for Growing your Yield

We offer a wide range of oils, fats and lecithins for improving yield and performance for your fish and crustaceans.

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Lecithins for Nutrient Absorption

Our lecithin is a powerhouse of natural nutrition, offering the highest quality of all-natural lecithin for your aquafeed needs. Our feed grade lecithin is designed to help improve growth and increase yield in aquaculture, ensuring the best results in fish health and production. Our plant-based product is derived from soybean and is a great  source of essential fatty acids. It increases absorption of water soluble nutrients like vitamins and minerals, making it a great choice for healthier, more efficient production of fish and crustaceans. With its natural emulsifying capabilities, our lecithin helps bring out flavor and texture in aquafeed. This premium lecithin ensures your aquafeed will deliver the best performance and yield every time!
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Oils and Fats for Energy and Growth

Oils and fats are essential in aquaculture, particularly for species like salmon and crustaceans. High-oleic oils with mono-unsaturated fats and low-saturated fats are incorporated into aquafeed to enhance the health and growth. These fats contribute to energy, metabolic function and feed intake. In  fish like salmon, they support the development of omega-3 fatty acids crucial for human health, while in shrimp and other crustaceans, they support healthy growth. Careful formulation of aquafeeds ensures the production of healthier aquatic species, promoting both environmental sustainability and the provision of nutritious seafood.


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